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Pataua North Blue Splash

Pataua North Blue Splash

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Pataua North is a charming coastal community located in the Whangarei district of New Zealand's North Island. The town is known for its stunning beaches, peaceful atmosphere, and rich history, particularly that of its iconic bridge.

The Pataua North bridge is a beloved local landmark that has been an important part of the town's history for over a century. The original wooden bridge was built in 1914 and was replaced by a more modern concrete structure in the 1960s. The bridge spans the Pataua River and connects the town to its southern neighbor, Pataua South.

The bridge has played an important role in the community's development, providing a vital link between the two towns and enabling the transportation of goods and people. Today, the bridge serves as a popular spot for fishing and sightseeing, with stunning views of the river and the surrounding natural beauty.

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